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An introduction to some of the talanted Chefs from around the world who use Margaret River Wagyu Beef.


Greg FarnanThe Old Brewery - Greg Farnan & The Tomahawk

Greg Farnan is a man with a carnivorous passion for beef. Born and bred in New Zealand, he travelled the world honing his culinary skills before choosing to settle down in Perth at The Old Brewery.

While others talk about 'the paddock to the plate', Greg really knows which paddocks his beef comes from. He knows that the best beef only comes from 'happy cattle', including Wagyu beef from Margaret River.

The legendary 'Tomahawk Steak' was pioneered in Australia by Greg and has become The Old Brewery's signature. The Tomahawk is one of largest steaks in Australia, weighing in at 1.3kg - 3.6kg (1.8kg average). Each Tomahawk is a rib-eye, or scotch fillet on the bone, and comes from the coveted Margaret River Wagyu Beef. Its namesake is the mammoth 30cm of rib bone left on the cut which consists of tender intercostals meat; a carnivore's dream.


Tomahawk Stats
400+ days grain fed Wagyu Beef from Margaret River, WA
Rib-eye with a 4 to 5 marble score
Suitable to share; available from 1.3kg to 2.7kg
A 1.8kg Tomahawk would feed four guests

Ideally it is chargrilled over a wood fire, or plain chargrilled (on a normal kitchen grill) until it is brown on both sides - and also the edge, due to its girth. To finish, place in an oven (170°C) for 20 minutes, then let it rest for 15 or so minutes in a warm area so the meat relaxes before service.

A Tomahawk can be shared between two or a few, along with The Old Brewery's rustic sides, including cauliflower gratin, mushy peas, onion rings and roasted bone marrow. Each Tomahawk is presented to guests and hand-carved, at the table!


Chef Nguyen Manh PhucChef Nguyen Manh Phuc, Le Bordeaux Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City

Founded in 1996, Le Bordeaux is dedicated to the perfect execution of classic French dishes - French fare as it is intended. The recipes come, as the name implies, from the Southwest of France. Chef/owner Mr. Nguyen Manh Phuc started his cooking career at age 16 years in 1981 in France. With great passion in cooking, Mr. Phuc always brings spectacular dishes to his customers. He always chooses the best ingredients and cooks it himself. Mr. Phuc said, "The ingredients with the best quality is one of the most important things to have a great dish".

Red Wine WagyuSpecialities of Le Bordeaux include the spectacular foie gras (duck liver), poultry and meat. A starter of "Pan fried slice of Foie Gras with Artichoke Soup" (Bouillon le'ger d'artichauts, rissoles au foie gras) is an excellent way to start the meal, followed by "Hot and Cold Foie Gras with Mushroom" (Chaud-froid de foie gras de canard en milles-feuilles de champignon). In addition, "Roasted French Pigeon in Honey" (Pigeon roti au miel, Poêleé de Cepe a la persiltade) and "Fillet of Grilled Margaret River Wagyu Beef - from Margaret River Premium Meat Exports in Western Australia - in Red Wine Sauce (Fauoc-filet Wagyu grille' au Vin de grave) have both made their way across the world to Le Bordeaux's kitchen. The Wagyu beef served with Red Wine Sauce is so tender that it will be like melting inside your mouth, bringing all the good tastes and becomes one of the new experiences.



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