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Wagyu BeefWagyu Beef Production

The Margaret River Wagyu Story

Margaret River Wagyu cattle are produced adhering to a strict feeding and management regime. The result is an exceptional high quality product tailored to meet the needs of our customers. This control of the production process from paddock to plate gives customers assurance of product integrity.


The Breeding Operation

Margaret River Premium Meats adopt an extensive free range farm management practice with natural mating as well as an artificial insemination (AI) program to produce pure bred Wagyu cattle. Cows graze on natural pastures in a completely free range, stress free environment which in turn leads to optimum performance.




Backgrounding is the term used for preparing calves for entry to the feedlot. Calves are weaned from their mothers at 10 months of age and raised on natural pasture until approximately 18 months old. At this point supplementary feed in the form of crushed grains (wheat, barley, oats, canola, lupins and straw) is introduced along with the natural pasture.


The Feeding Program

Margaret River Wagyu cattle are fed a specially formulated grain ration for 350 to 450 days. Our cattle are fed using a specially designed semi intensive feedlot system. This system provides more space per animal than traditional intensive feedlots and takes into account the animals psychology. Animals which are happy and comfortable in their environment perform better. Therefore, good quality natural feed, ample space and a clean pristine environment lead to happy animals and a high quality natural product. Our feeding program is tailored to meet the requirements of our customers both in terms of timing of deliveries and the quality of the product.



Processing and Carcase Assessment

Wagyu Beef Grading SheetsThe company contracts Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) approved export registered processors to process the livestock to its packing specification. All processing is carried out under the supervision of AQIS veterinary inspectors. It is also monitored by quality assurance staff from MRPME to ensure the product is processed and packed to the specification required.

All products are Halal slaughtered.



Every Wagyu beef carcase undergoes a chiller assessment process to determine the level of marbling, known as marble score, the meat colour, fat colour and eye muscle area. This assessment is carried out by an Ausmeat certified grader. Ausmeat is the body responsible for setting and maintaining the standards of the chiller assessment program for the Australian meat industry.



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