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How to Cook Wagyu

Recognised for its versatility, Wagyu Beef is suitable for all traditional beef dishes, from steaks and roasts, to braising and stir fry. It is famous for its use in Japanese style cooking such as "Shabu Shabu" and "Teppanyaki". Boasting a unique flavour, Wagyu can be enjoyed alone in its simplest form, or as a focal point of a gourmet feast.

The Wagyu's higher level of marbling means less cooking time is required, with the marble fat melting quickly, infusing its flavour faster than traditional beef. Wagyu delivers the best result when cooked at a medium temperature, to ensure it remains succulent to serve. The rich, highly marbled Wagyu beef may also require an adjustment of your regular portion size. "Well done", should not be an option for this great meat.



For a succulent Wagyu steak every time, including Sirloin and Rib Eye:


Wok Cooking

The quality of Wagyu beef means a relatively short encounter with the wok will deliver outstanding results. Most Wagyu cuts are suitable for Wok cooking.

Shabu Shabu

A Japanese dish, with thinly sliced Wagyu swished (shabu shabu) in a simmering dashi broth served from the table. Best cuts: Rib Eye, Chuck Roll. Serve with dipping sauces, wasabi, pickled ginger and finely chopped spring onion.



Wagyu beef is ideal for roasting. Our favourite is whole roast fillet of Wagyu (Tenderloin).

Prepare the fillet by rubbing with finely chopped garlic and herbs. Sear the outside on a hot BBQ plate before placing in a hot oven for 25 minutes. Allow to rest for 10 minutes before carving.

While the meat is resting make a sauce with the juices from the roasting dish adding a little white wine or Cointreau.



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